Would Orchestrator training environment(https://platform.uipath.com) be sufficient for clearing Advance Developer Certification exam. As it provide only 2 development robot

Hello Everyone!
I am using Orchestrator training environment(https://platform.uipath.com). It provide only 2 development robot. Would it be sufficient for clearing Advance Developer Certification exam ?

Yes, it is more than sufficient, i cleared it already


Thanks @Sheshrocks.

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Welcome buddy, i hope it solves your query :wink:

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Could you please give me any tips based on your experience with Advanced certification. I am also preparing for the same. Your efforts really appreciated.

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Below should be helpful :

  1. Complete your advanced training
  2. Take a good note on how to create dispatcher and performers, most of the questions will be based on either dispatcher or both
  3. make sure to use annotations and comments to explain the complex logic and activities in your practical exam
  4. Using RE framework is must, so understand it properly.
  5. Break your process in simple workflows, like navigation, updating etc.
  6. Be comfortable with Transactionitem types (like string, datarow or queueitem) as your practical exam will give you either one of them.
  7. Make sure to upload your files to the certification platform, even if it is not complete, your methodology is also marked.
  8. Last but not the least, be confident, it is not that hard :slight_smile:

Thanks! a lot. It really helpful.

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