UiPath Academy Advanced Training needs to have License


I am doing the UiPath Academy “Level 3 - RPA Developer Advanced Training”, and I want to know if I need to have a license for completing the training. That is because in one of the assignments I have to use the Orchestrator Queues for the processing of the work items and in the Community Edition that’s not posible.

I want to know if I am wrong or which could be the solution for this. I really want to finish this training.

Thanks in advanced for your help!

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http://platform.uipath.com/ gives you access to the queue features as well so no problem to complete the training.

You can read more about queue using the Orchestrator and studio guide clicking the “?” icon and using the search functions and searching keywords such as “Queues, Transactions”.


Apart from that, queues are accessible from on the menu on the left, last item.

Good luck


If you have logged in to Orchestrator and you are a Community Edition user you can have two development robots license plus you can use features like Assests, Queue, Scheduling jobs and robots for learning and training purpose.

And as far as Academy training is concerned you only need queue and asset for the same

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Thanks for the clarification!