Adobe Reader DC - error with selector "Choose a Different Folder..." in Save As window

Hi all,

I’m using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (version on pic below) to save downloaded file, because it opens automatically when I download file from web.

When I try to click “Choose a Different Folder” to get standard Save As window, the selector doesn’t work correctly.

I’m using click activity with properties shown below:

Each time I successfully repair selector to be validate (green) again, but next time it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance for any help you will provide.

Hi @Bojan_Tomsic,
Seems that there can be something what is changing each time in selector. You need to make it dynamic so each UiElement used in selector will be always applicable to the application.

More info here:

And Academy (LVL 1 - Foundation Training, Selectors section)

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Dynamic selector solved the problem.

BR, Bojan

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