Unable to create Dynamic selector of "Choose a different folder" while saving pdf file

Hi Team,

I have tried to save file as save as but when we are trying to use click activity on “Choose a different folder option” then it will work only for current file but it will not work for rest of the files after make selector dynamic.

Selector are:

Let me know, If any one have any solution

Thanks in advance

Hey @Sagar_Gupta1

What dynamic selector is required here, as you gonna click the same button for every file ?

Could you please elaborate ?


Hi @Sagar_Gupta1,

What part in your selector have you made dynamic? I dont see anything dynamic in your selector shown.

Also as everytime, you are going to click on same button for all files, its not even needed unless its coming out to be different(which seems to be unlikely).


Yes but same button having same selector always but still didn’t work always.

I don’t know why

Selector always same for all file but still same problem

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Hi @Sagar_Gupta1,

I just noticed the selector you shared in above post.

I see you are using this activity inside attach browser scope.

You don’t need the second line of selector(as shown below).
First and third line is fine.
Delete the second line and test.

This should work.


hi @Sagar_Gupta1

some times selector have an ID for page opening and if you open again it generate a new ID then old selector will not work you can remove second line form selector and focus on innertext and aaname


Sorry for late reply, but Problem was different with selector.
now resolved

How to resolved ?