Adobe Acrobat Reader closing

When I try a CV Screen activity to read some data from PDF files and store them in an Excel table. But Adobe is closing itself before the data extraction even starts. Anyone else having the same problem?


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Can you share the screenshot of the flow?
Also, you can always place an Element Exist activity and once the PDF windows is available it will continue else try to place activities to open the pdf

hope this may help you


Hi @9a555107e05234839f426ff38 - is this issue happening manually as well or only when the bot execution starts.

If it is happening oftenly, without using the bot, please check the below link,use%20to%20fix%20crashing%20instances.

It closes Adobe right after the ‘use application’ activity.
I’ll try using Element Exist.
Thank you for the tip

The issue is happening only when the bot execution starts. If I manually open Adobe, it works just fine.
Thank you for the reply