Automation opens Acrobat Reader and then freezes (in Modern)

Hi everyone,

In a project I’m working on, I got stuck on a part regarding reading a PDF document. Adobe Acrobat Reader opens, but then the automation freezes, and ultimately crasches with the error that “the UI element was not found”. The thing is, this happens even when I create a whole new project and add nothing else than an activity to open Acrobat Reader:

In the “activity field” bar, it lights up orange, if that has something to do with it (maybe not “being in focus” or something like that).


(Update right away: The “Classic” approach with “Start Process” does not seem to have this problem!)

Hi @John_Svensson
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Are u trying to read the pdf data

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Hi and thank you!

Since I did not have this problem with the Classic Design Experience, I could continue working with that approach. Still, I find this error interesting. It feels that what I want to do with Reader after I opened it, whether it’s reading a PDF file or simply clicking on things in the UI, isn’t really relevant for this problem. I shouldn’t have to include another activity just to get Reader to not crash, right? Maybe I for some reason just wanted to open Reader and not to anything in it?