Acrobat Reader has stopped working


whenever I try to get text with OCR in a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader crashes and stops working. Therefore, I am not able to read all the necessary text I need from the PDF. Does anyone know how to fix this and prevent Adobe from crashing?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Buddy are you able to open that file manually with pdf reader
Check that once buddy, if it works properly no worries buddy, I would like to know how you are trying to get the text pdf…that could help us solving this problem



yes, I can open the file manually.

First, I have the activity “Start process” to open the PDF file. Then I use “screen scraping” (includes attached window and a do-sequence with get visible text)


Buddy may i know what inputs you gave to start process for opening pdf


Input is the adress of the file (“C:\Users\User\pdffile.pdf”)

Start process needs the executable path of adobe, and as an argument, the file path.

You can also try Read Pdf with OCR activity.

I entered the file path to the adobe.exe file in “FileName” and in arguments I input the file path for the PDF file to be opened. But it is still crashing :confused: To make it clear, it opens the correct file, but immediately crashes then.

It also crashes when trying to open another pdf file? Or only that particular one?
And could you also tell what version of adobe are you using?

I think I will use read PDF text activity now. That one works just fine.

Thanks though.



Good luck :smiley: