Adidas Website Web Scraping

Hi I have this adidas website below:

I know how to scrape a website using UiPath.
But this time I need to click on each link, scrape, go back, click on next link, scrape, go back,…

That is the information to scrape is inside each of these pictures:

After clicking on the picture, I get all the details I will need to scrape - description, price, name…

So I need a loop to go in each of these pictures then scrape.

How do I do that>? Can someone help please?


Hello @Yudhisteer_Chintaram1

If you have already scrapped the data then in the loop you can use some unique information like product name or description to click on each element scrape the info then use navigate back or close that popup info and so on.

For each row
Click on some element (with unique selectors like name or desc)
Scrape the info
Close the popup of extra info
Move to next

something like this you will have to implement

So it is a for loop in a for loop? How will it be?

How would you automate scraping the price for these two products?