Data Scraping from secondhand with open info JS

hii everyone
i must know do it i pillow all the internet and i almost get any information about it…
so i need Data Scraping from website that open more details
its work with JS

When you click on the line, more details about the vehicle will open.
I do not know how to apply it automatically

I am really new in this matter and I have no knowledge at all in the software …

I cant get this link from Data Scraping wizard
becaues need click on the record to see everything

pleas help!

HI @Aviran_Marzouk

Can you share the website link?


‫רכבים למכירה | יד2 רכב - אלפי מודעות חדשות בכל יום‬ (

i will heppy but i cant share links
(www.)yad2 ( vehicles/cars

(remove) ()

this is good site?

Cant able to open the site @Aviran_Marzouk

And I don’t know about this site


some one seccsess to it
but i cant understand how do that…

I was able to accomplish this in the end.
What you need to do is use the Data Scraping wizard as normal
Then add a 'For Each Row in DataTable
Within that, add an assign: strVariable = Row(0).ToString
Then manually add a click activity
Within UI Explorer, make sure ‘aaname’ has been put into the window and with whatever is selected in aaname, replace it with the variable surrounded by {{ }} - {{strvariable}}
It will now read everything to a datatable and then perform a click action on each one

i dont know how do that

I did not understand - can you enter the site or not?

No i cannot enter the site