Additional Prerequisite For Installation Of v20.4 Or Higher Orchestrator In Comparison To Other Version

What is the additional Prerequisite for the installation of 20.4 Orchestrator, in comparison to another version?

  1. IIS - Application Initialization should be installed . If the component is not installed, the below error might be expected.
Error Message if not installed :
Solution: The roles needs to be enabled from Server Manager. It is located under Web Server (IIS) -> Web Server ->Application Development -> Application Initialization . Refer screenshot below
  1. Microsoft Windows Server hosting module should be installed on the server. Error message if not installed:
Solution: The component can be downloaded and installed from the Orchestrator - Prerequisite For Installation .
Note: Before proceeding with the installation, follow the steps mentioned in Orchestrator - Prerequisite For Installation, which provides the script for enabling the IIS roles and features needed for the UiPath Orchestrator.