Orachestrator installation log location & clean up steps

While trying to install orchestrator locally, we ran into some db related issues. We fixed that issue, but now when I run the installer, it just ends w/o success with no errors thrown.

are there any installation logs we can refer to ?

Looks like we might need to clean up. what are the cleanup steps before we retry the installation ? I dont see any folders created under c:\ProgramFiles

Kindly have a view on these documents

Cheers @ajitbhatt

@Palniyappan - thanks the docs. i already had the pre-reqs in place. The documents didnt mention any log locations for the installer.
Nevertheless, we were able to isolate the problem with the SQL a/c and once that was fixed the installer executed fine. But it was weird that the installer was not reporting any actual errors or exceptions and silently ending stating it has failed to install.

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