Adding a button to "Input Dialogue box"

I have a requirement where data will be obtained by different process and here my condition is if the data is not obtained then the process should pop a prompt asking user to provide the missing data.
Here sometimes user too doesn’t have the data at that moment. So the user cannot able to enter the data in the Prompt. Here my condition is to facilitate the user to click on the cancel button when they don’t have any data, then process flow will skip that particular item and will continue to work on next transaction items.

So I have to add another button(cancel) to “Input dialogue box”. Please suggest me any alternatives to support my requirement.

P.S. I have tried changing options field in the activity properties. I’m getting either radio buttons or dropdown, I don’t require either of them.

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K
Did you try to perform the required action based on the condition… from your requirement it is supposed to be “Null”
You can perform the click on the cancel button based on the condition if the “String” that has to be provided by the user is Null.

Hey @Harika_Mudiam… appreciate your quick response!! But my requirement here is to add an additional button in “Input dialog box” i.e I have to add the Cancel button to click while asking user to enter data.
Hope you got my point!

Let me recite what I understood…

  1. User has to enter data into the dialogue box.
    2.If data is not there from user side he has to close the dialogue box… which is “Cancel Button” you are referring to…
    Please correct me if am not on the same page…

Yess… I have to add a button to the mentioned activity!

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K

This post helped me, hope its what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


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