How to prompt a user in a set of conditions

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How can I do up a prompt the user in UIPath and set these conditions:

Let’s say my automation is running halfway, it will display a prompt to the user.
The prompts include the options of a “Pause”.

If Pause is click, the automation process is stop temporarily else the automation continues.

Once after pause is click, after 2 mins the automation will prompt the user again with the option of “Continue”.

If continue is click, the automation will execute the remaining automation that is left to be done.

Can these be done in UIPath or it is impossible to do it?

Thank you.

Hi, Yes its possible, you have to use Input Dialog activity and some conditions to verify the feedback given in input dialog.
I am attaching the solution here if it serves the purpose please mark this as a solution.
In the solution unless user hits the Yes button it will keep on asking the user after 2mins interval,
but if you want to change it just remove the while loop.

PopupOption.xaml (9.8 KB)

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Hi @Supriya_Mondal1 ,

Thank you so much for your help. While trying to run the process, is there a way when i click “yes” it will keep looping delaying endlessly without the need to put the if statement continously,
until a “no” input then it breaks?

Hello @Hey_hi

As per my understanding the result from custom input activity should be validated using if activity to check the conditions.
Otherwise the process cannot be designed as per the requirement.

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hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

got it!! thank you

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