Input Dialog box button disable when text box empty


How can I disable the button of Input dialog box when the textbox is empty??
When I write something in the textbox then it will automatically enable button.

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You mean when there is no Text, Input dialog box shouldn’t appear?

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Input dialog box is display on the screen but, If textbox is empty on the dialog box then, “Ok” button is disable.
Means, user compulsory add something in textbox, then after user can press “Ok” button,
other wise not click on "ok"button.


Validating the Output of Input Dialog would be a better approach.

For Example:
Input Dialog Box Output - OpofInpDiag

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I ran workflow by taking a input dialog box and I can click on textbox’s Ok button, I mean Ok button in textbox is clickable.


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Thanks for replying @Pankaj.Patil,

I know that but, I want this type of scenario,
like- If I do not write any thing in text box, input dialog box button is disable
And, If I write something in text box then button will automatically enable.

Is there any solution for this.


I don’t think right now we have that kind inbuilt functionality available here.
But you can use looping where we can check for the input and if it is null then again go to Input Dialogue box.

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Hello Sams,

Uipath would have done this. but whenever input box is required us then only we take that activity, so you can say that it’s not mandatory to supply a value, we can check value empty or initialized, as @shubham mentioned :slight_smile:


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