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Hi Community,

This is ironically my first public topic on the Forum in about two years even if I used to be a quite active member meanwhile.

I am posting today to present you my submission from the PowerUp Automation Hackathon organized by UiPath and Devpost.

I do not see many people sharing about what they have done and that is a pity since there are many great ideas and their realization was born and we do not have many occasions to see this type of event, especially with the prices

Unless I missed something, It does not seem to be prohibited to share our idea on the Forum so I will do so, It is even recommended to share it on Social media.

I worked for long hours, both on my Company and personal time on building a Custom activity to build a Form Designer for UiPath for serve and extend UiPath capabilities in terms of Attended and Front office purpose.

This angle of attack of the RPA is mostly underestimated in my opinion, I will not go too much into details on that one now but there are a lot of opportunities, not rule-based, that Attended automation can cover.

The Attended/Unattended are often wrongly opposed it comes to consider their adoption where they are complementary. Japanese large organizations are adopting this type of strategy for quite some time already and are having outstanding results.

I will stop here because there is what to talk for “days”.

If you are also interested in the topic and you also defend/want to be part an RPA which is interacting directly with its robot, I invite you to have a look on my Submission for the Hackathon to find all required details about the project under.

The activity itself does not have the pretention to be a product be bug-free/optimal, there is much to improve on it.

This is for now just something which can help people building their Robot in a way that can be totally different than what is mostly done now by most.

I would also like to thank Symphony, the company I am part of and that I am representing on this Hackathon, to let me take that initiative.

I am also pleased of the latest product/licensing changes/beta going to that direction

I really hope you will also find this idea attractive as I do.

I am truly looking forward to contributing on its expansion, both from Software and intellectual standpoint.

Package download

Hackathon link

Submission link.

Presentation of the design features

Presentation of the interactions with UiPath

Package download

Thanks for your attention, Happy to read your feedback or answer any question about it

How/Is it possible to have multiple input fields in one input dialogue?
How to design a Windows Form like interface
Message Box Design

unfortunate, but true…!!!


When are you planning to release community/commercial edition of designer ? I am desperately waiting for that. A quick win application can be developed using a designer.



Happy that you like the idea, I am waiting to be able to made an upload the gallery, hopefully this will get resolved shortly.

I will find another alternative to share this before the end of today (in couple of hours) otherwise.



Thanks, I had posted this idea long back in the UiPath forum, but UiPath rejected it.



Now than the online Hackathon is completed and decision from judges apparently made, II would be happy to get some feedback If you get the chance to give a try on the Activity available on Gallery.

Getting your hands on might not be so simple if you are not too familiar with Windows forms.

Let me know if you need assistance or have any question.

Keep in mind this is simlly a prototype that I am maintening/improving during my free time, not a final product.



Hi Florent, super job. Thank you!
Note that I changed the form title by editing the JSON, as I didn’t see a way to do it
from the designer.
Now for adding some functionality to it (I’ll go through the second video).
I really like it!



The form itself properties can be configure also trough the property grid on the right.

Changing Text property should change the display title.



Thanks, Florent. My mistake was clicking on the title bar and then looking at Properties. I didn’t think to click within the body of the form!


Hey @Florent_Salendres, This is a brilliant piece of work. :slight_smile:

Edit: Please ignore my previous comment. I though i had that json file created, but then realized that i missed it. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


Is package of Symphony free for commercial purpose or there is some price involved??


Hi @Rammohan91,

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it :).
The file system and how files are created is definitely not intuitive and is something I will need to change, not on you! It’s difficult for me to work on it recently but at some point, I will find time!

Hi @prashant015

You can consider the one as a freeware (mit licensed) and not supported officially by Symphony. You can use it for your projects on the current (prototype) version.

We are not excluding any future monetization through UiPath Go later, but this would be a different license/product.

Thanks both for your interest.



Great piece of work Florent. Hope you win the Hackathon. Good Luck!


Hi @vvaidya!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Happy to see you around again :slight_smile:



Congratulations on winning the hackathon Grand Prize of Excellence in RPA!


New Version available on the Gallery containing few improvements including (but not only)

  • Rework of the activity UI to facilitate the Form files creation
  • Possibility to pass data argument to be accessed in the Invoked workflow (Included Form_Onload)


As always, happy to get feedback to reach something stable to upload on GO