Add Cancel button to "Input Dialog"

Hi all.

The user need to be able to cancel the process instead of entering a value and continue it.


Hi @MarcoM,
User can just click “X” to cancel:

Thanks Pablito.

But as “intercept” the X click?
Because if I click X, the process it continues.


You can use Custom Input activity and define your own action based on java script.
Example here:

Hi @MarcoM,

In place of input dialog box use message box

Hi varunk.
This is not the best way.

I have this input dialog.
In this moment I need 2 options:

  1. Insert the code and click ok
  2. Cancel the procedure and stop workflow



In that case, why don’t you identify those option with it’s code value like, “Enter VIP Access code or Robot will be stopped if it is blank.”


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Hi @MarcoM,

For that input dialog box properties
see name as options,there you can pass how many you want like as you said you want two
Ex - {“OK”,“Cancel”}
Pass like this it will appear