Add Variable into DataTable into existing Column

Hoping someone can help. I did a web scraping and have recipes in one column, and URL in another. A for each process that goes to the website, gets the ingredients.

From the inital datatable that created the RecipeName column and RecipeURL, I want to add the ingredients as a third column to the existing data table (from the webscraping). The ingredients are trimmed (don’t think that’s correct because theres alot of spaces before and after), and assigned to IngredientsTrimmed. When I go to add data row, It errors. I also didn’t specify which column it should be added to as i’m not sure how.

Once completed it needs to be exported to CSV

So I want this existing CSV from intital data web scraping:

To become this:

What I have


If you want to add column only then use Add Data Column activity. it will add column to existing DataTable.

I already have, but I cant add the values then into row 2 under the third column

getting this error:


in Add data row pass three values like {receipename,receipeurl,ingredientstrimmed}

I don’t have these variables declared, because they were created through the web scraping. Should I add them anyway? would it leave them blank and only add values into the third column then?

@Teja_L I did what you said but i’m still getting the same for each row error listed above

After extracting use get row item to for first column and assign a variable. in similar way for second column also.

Should I be specifying which row numbers if the web scraping has several rows filled out?

This seems complex :frowning:

Is it possible to share you workflow?

you need to use get row item inside for each row .

FruitTest2.xaml (29.5 KB)

Ah ok yeah i’m completly stuck with that concept. I’ve been able to learn a bit but can’t wrap my head around this for some reason.

HI @swanvalkyrie
FruitTest2.xaml (35.6 KB).
I have changed your workflow based on your requirement. :slight_smile:

Thankyou so much!! I am away from computer at the moment but when I get back on I will check it out. Really appreciate your help and input!

Hi Teja,

When loading I get these errors, what dependencies do you have?

Install Uipath.Database.Activities package.

Still the same, strange?

May be studio version different. What is your uipath studio version.Mine is 2018.4.0 .

2018.4.4 community edition

Ok strange it’s the activities. I have them installed in mine but when I open your file I don’t have any. I’ve redownloaded them but what is write range from? I’ve installed a few but it’s not validating

Ah found it didn’t realise it was on the top right! Will check out package now