How to add item into existing datatable in same row

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I’m trying to capture the data by using data scraping and add the data into Excel Sheet, I’m able to get all the data and insert into Excel but I want to add new row when I get data from Data Scrapping, below is the example.

The result I get but not what I want:

The result I want but I cant get it:

The column “Capture Date” is I add in myself. Please assist for this issue.
I have attached my whole project. Thanks.

Main.xaml (27.0 KB) project.json (1.3 KB)

you want add row or add column in Existing Datatable?

Hey @ack940129,

Could you please share the screenshot of the table on webpage you are trying to extract ?

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Hi @ack940129

Assuming the count of data rows is lower than 1000.

  1. Scraping or Reading the input datatable. Assuming YourScrappedTable

  2. Add Data Column activity:
    Column Name: "Capture Date"
    Datatable : YourScrappedTable
    TypeArgument : String

  3. For “row” in DatTable (For each row loop)
    Assign activity: item("Capture Date") = Now.ToString
    (this assigns value to the column “Capture Date” in the given row index)

  4. Finally, write the datatable (YourScrappedTable) to excel like you have already done.

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Thanks bro, this is work perfectly!

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