Add Variable into DataTable into existing Column

Ok last part, it errored on write range


Which type of file you are using to write the data .

csv should be the end file format

for CSV type use Write CSV activity … Write range for .Xlsx type.

I reused the Write CSV process, and that works. But the ingredients aren’t appearing.

Yes - thankyou! But for the Ingredients, i’ve tried LTrim(Rtrim(Ingredients)) but it still doesn’t work. Do you have any other suggestions?

And when I use: Ingredients.Replace(" “,”") It does remove all the spaces but not the leading paragraph spaces?

CSV opened in Notepad ++

Update: using Ingredients.Trim() removes the paragraph space before the first line, but not the next paragraph line. So the ingredients appear now but only the first line, not the rest. I need to right trim but using RTRIM around the ingredients.trim() doesn’t work

I also have tried regex multiple times but for some reason it won’t install, even older versions of the dependencies

I got it! Finally that issue was plaguing me for days… for anyone else who cannot use Regex, here is how I removed the before and after paragraph lines

String.Replace(vbCr, “” + " ").Replace(vbLf, “”)

Thanks so much for everyone’s help! It’s really appreciated!

Hi Teja, do you know how to validate user input with a value in column A in excel?

HI @swanvalkyrie

Datatable.Select(“Column=’”+Your value+’"")