Add value into lookup tabel

Hi there

if i want to add more lookup values in lookdata table apart from that i have added how can i do that…??

as shown in ss

For this activity there is no support for OR operator so you can do multiple times or with assign activity like this:
Dim result As DataRow() = table.Select("[Size] >= 230 OR [Team] = 'b'")

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row(“computer name”).tostring,row(“sam account name”).tostring like this

i just want to add “sam account name” in lookup value

As i said, the activity is only one column to one value…

so i have to make another lookup table for another value

or use the expression i showed you, then you can search for as many as you want in the same column or in many…

how have add only 2 value
“computer name” & “sam account name”

please make expression of it and send me.Thanks

i bet you could do this on your own…
table.Select("[Your Column Name] = "+row(""Computer Name"").ToString+" OR [[Your Column Name]] ="+ row("sam account name").ToString"+")