Add row error

Hi there ,this error is coming in add row

@mitul_choudhary The error clearly says that “Last Logon Time” Column is not Present, Can you cross check and verify it?

Let suppose if i want to add more value in lookup table apart from computer name how can i add,

please tell

@mitul_choudhary I don’t think you need to provide two values, Since it recognises the value that you have provided as present in the Column provided and it should output the Row Index of that particular value.

What do you want the Look up Datatable to do ?

apart from row(“computer name”).to string is also want to add another column naming (“sam account”)
how can i do that.

@mitul_choudhary You would have to add another Look up Datatable :sweat_smile: What is the Output you Expect ?

i want lookup data table to see “computer name” as well as “sam account name”

is there any way to to add 2 value ,else i have o make another lookup table @supermanPunch

@mitul_choudhary No I think you would need to add another Look Up datatable :sweat_smile:

but both the column i want are on same sheet.

@mitul_choudhary Can you just tell me what is the Input, What is the operation you want to perform and What is the Output that you expect ?

This way it will be faster to understand

Lookup datatable can work on only one sheet, considering the Sheet in Excel acts as a Datatable

as seen pfa

i have 2 excel sheet i want 1st excel sheet “sam account name”&“computer name” to be lookup with 2nd sheet"computer name".hence get final output in 3rd sheet.

hence i have done lookup with both excel sheets “computer name” now i just want to add "sam acoount name

@supermanPunch now pls help

@mitul_choudhary I am not sure if you’re doing the right operation :sweat_smile:. Can you provide the input files, and the Output File that you Expect ?