Add Multiple Licenses to Orchestrator

We have originally purchased a 5 bot license key last year. However, have recently bought two more license keys. One has 3 bots and the other has 1. When trying to add these keys to orchestrator it fails. Is there a way to combine all of the license keys together to be used on the one orchestrator server?


Hi @Mike1 ,
Any update of this post ?

Hi @Mike1 @halcaraz

Please contact the licensing support via this form:

They will make it happen :slight_smile:

@loginerror Thanks

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Hello, I’m in the same situation.
I’m curious @halcaraz , did support merged your existing licenses ?

Hi @iulian.ilie

It should be solved by the Licensing support :slight_smile: Feel free to contact them.

Hi @iulian.ilie ,Yes , they did =D

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