Cannot find Excel Add-in for UiPath Studio

I cannot find the Add-in for Excel for the UiPath studio. May I please know how to install it? thank you.

Hi @Maanas_Muddam ,

I believe you need to upgrade your UiPath Studio.


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For Excel Add-in, Follow below steps

Click on Settings-> License and Profile->View or change Profile and Choose StudioX from the options

Once you select your studio will restart and login in StudioX profile

Then you can click on Tools again then you able to see the Excel add-In

Hope this may help you


Hi Srini, thank you. However, I am looking for learning Studio, not StudioX. I am now trying to re-install UiPath rn and will see if I could get the Excel for Studio. Thank you.

Hi I did that, and I still see no Excel add-in. I also uninstalled and downloaded the latest version and tried installing that. I still could not.


That was available in Studio X only not in Studio

For Studio it is aimed to pro developers so some options will not available if you compare to StudioX

Hope this may help you


Check once on the below link, Hope you will get some help from uipath docs.

I am not sur about this add. Did know about it before your post ^^
I don’t if it could help you but maybe for your use you didn’it. Uipath have plenty of activies working without this add-on.

I fixed this issue by uninstalling Excel package and re-installing it. Thank you all for your help.

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Great :+1:

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Thank you! :grinning:

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