Add data row problem - All data in one column

I have a workflow which exports scraped data of a web-based CRM system into a CSV file. The problem is that I have four columns in my datatable (table type = “Build datatable”) but only the first is filled by all the data. I do not know the reason for this because in other workflows I developed before everything was fine.

This is the command for “add data row”. All variables are defined as objects.

Syntax looks fine assuming all of those variables are indeed populated. We may need a little more information.

When you use extract data does all of the data split correctly into four columns? Do you really need to use objects rather than string? Could you upload your xaml file so we can see more clearly what you are trying to do?


Hi @sebastians ,

Please check your DataTable once before saving it in CSV file..Loop it once and chek
That may give you the solution…

Please be revert with response…:slight_smile: