Add data row with extract datatable positioning of the columns

Hi, I’m tryin to add datarow into the table and then on the next row add result of the data scraping extract.

The workflow:

Build datatable with four columns

Now based on the Element exist activity add data row {“nimi”,var1} or {“nimi”,var1,var2,var3}

To this phase everything goes ok, but if element exists then add data row, ExtractDataTable offsets the values from the extraction as it creates two new columns after the built data columns.

What I’m trying is to have the end result like datatable be like:

but the end result goes like this:
Label, Value,Label2,Value2,Column,Column

Does anyone have any idea, how this should be done to get it right?

Thanks :)!


Hi @hemuli

Were going to create a test scenario. Can you try to convert your datable to outputdatatable and send it msgbox before adding the datarow and after adding the datarow to see the difference.


Happy learning :smiley:


Hi,sure! Here are the screen shots

hi, one more, here is the output msg box Before adding the data rowCapture

Hi, have you managed to come up with any idea with this?