Add data row



Hi All, I have built a data table with 3 Columns namely Name, Account number and Amount
I want to add data row to it using for each.
I have created 3 variables and I am using Add data row with Array row as { Variable1,Variable2,Variable3} but it is not working. can any one help me out please.


Hi @harinathreddy.yn,
Can you share the source if possible.



I cannot share the source as it is confidential, I am giving a screen shot for better understanding.
In message box I can see the necessary details but same is not adding to datatable.


Hi @harinathreddy.yn,
I have attached a sample project for your situation.

File : Add data (13.3 KB)



thanks you so much for quick response, I will go through it and update you the result.


Hi Balu, You are iterating through excel and I am iterating through a string array and I am assigning necessary elements into a variable and then writing to a data row. I have used same method in other program but here it is not working, let me try to share the sample code which I am trying




Bro If I write a sample code it is working but it is not working inside my main code


Hi @harinathreddy.yn,
What is the result that u r getting like empty row or an error.


I am getting empty row


Now I am trying to write it in a different artifact and import but I am facing issues with import
Below I have attached a 2 samples main and Invoke where I am invoking the invoke file but my argument value is empty. Can you tell me what is wrong
Main.xaml (4.9 KB)
Invoke1.xaml (4.5 KB)


Hi @harinathreddy.yn,

yes . You forget to pass the import argument in the main.



HI @harinathreddy.yn,
I have attached the source with the changes.
File : (2.6 KB)



Great bro it is working when I give it as argument1 in value place but will it not take automatically