Adding an AD user

Hi All,
I just have te problem, that, if I try to add a user from AD directory, for that the AD domain is set, then until I click the Add button, the user is found with the search, but the Add gives a failure back. (#1413)

So the AD domain and Windows authentication is set in the Web.config in the Orchestrator folder, the AD domain is found in the Orchestrator. Version 20.4.3 (folder Default Classic, or other modern as well)
Enabling Windows Authentication is done following the guide:

thanks for help!

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Have you taken a look at this post?

hi @bence.gorog
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u have to add domain\user name
eg :
abc\bence.gorog - (abc refers to your domain)

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva, thanks, but backslash in the username field not even allowed. (And with the search, from user ID, my name and the whole account is found. F.e I type the johns as ID, and John Smith is found.)

Hi @Jorge_Cavalcante,
thanks for the reply. My problem is already at the point where I try to add the user. But the last sentence in the article is, what I do not really understand. Could you maybe explain it me?
" Please make sure that the AppPoolIdentity user as well as the admin user has access to the domain group ."
Which is the AppPoolIdentity user? UiPathOrchestrator user would it be? Because as I read, it is not a real user. I is using the machine account. Or am I wrong in this?