How to wait for a page to be loaded


I have a web page, where when I select certain filter the page starts to load, but the tab is not loading. I mean the page is loading but not the tab.
Now because the duration of the loading of the page is unpredictable, I cannot track the response time perfectly, neither I shall use delay because the duration of the load is unpredictable.
Since I was using click activity to choose my next filter it gives an error because sometimes when the page is still loading the click activity is doing its work.
So what shall i do in this case?

diptojyoti dutta

Hi @diptojyotidutta

For these scenarios, we can use the On Element Appear or Element Exists activities to check whether the elements are loaded on the web page before we continue with the next set of activities…

I would suggest to use the On Element Appear activity as it waits until the element you indicate is loaded and ready in the web page to continue with the activities that you specify within the activity. You will also get some additional properties to provide a timeout period (default is 30 seconds) and another set of properties to wait till the element is visible and active…

In general, if the web page take more than 30 seconds to load a page, change the timeout period and set a higher time period so that it will not timeout

Let know whether this helps


hello @Lahiru.Fernando,
thanks for the reply,
I will let you know

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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando it worked!

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@Lahiru.Fernando, it’s working but i have stumbled upon this error, any suggestions?

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