TimeOut in "Wait Element Vanish" - what is timing out the Vanish, or the whole thing?

I did try to read the documentation, but i find it unclear.
what is the timeout waiting for:

  1. if the element never exist, it will time out
  2. if the element Exist, but do not Vanish, it will time out
  3. if either of 1) or 2), it will time out.

(I really wanted 2 timeouts - 1) if element never existed, timeout after 30 seconds) 2) if element dont vanish time out after 5 minutes )

im updating datasets in excel sheets, from DataWare house - by opening excel and pressing ctrl+alt+F5 - if you know of a better way let me know :smiley:

Hi @Rygaard,
Welcome to the Community!
You need to threat activity as an “action” entry. No matter which activity are you using each one will have it’s own TimeOut parameter. It means that if action defined in particular activity can’t be made or element defined (like selector or image) can’t be properly found then activity will wait (30 seconds by default) until it will pop up the error message.