Activity Creator in Visual Studio 2022 Unable to find package

Dear all,

I have downloaded Visual Studio 2022 and the UiPath Activiy Creator v.4.0.0, when I attempt to publish the package I face this error.

I have used the Activity Creator on Visual Studio 2019, I have two published 2 packages in the Marketplace, however, I have no technological background, I have dificulty to understand and fix an error like this one.


@DeanMauro could you take a look?

Dear William,
just replying back after the discussion we’ved had in the community meetup (Chapter Zurich).

Did you make sure, your installation is correctly installed as per UiPath Documentation definitions:

Usually when following these steps it worked on our end.


Hello @iamNairda , there was some setup needed in Visual Studio 2022, to include the as as a sorce package.

In the project, click manage Nuget Pacakges

Click the Engine button

Add the Package Source

Thank you very much for the help, regards

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Glad to know it helped :slight_smile:
So it was this point:

We’ve had the exact same error at one point. Thank you also for documenting here in this topic. I’m sure this will help others on the path of creating their own custome activities!

Thanks and hopefully we meet again in another Community Meetup.

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