The Activity Creator does not create package


I try to create a package by using ActivityCreator. I have followed all steps in this link1 link2 for using it in my local. But although I published the package and added its path as source destination in UiPath, I could not see the package. Is there anyone face this issue?

Have you got nupkg file in source destination file after publishing?
Are you sure you are using proper project compatibility in UiPath Studio? (‘windows-legacy’ for activities generated in old standard activity project in Visual Studio 2019/ ‘windows’ for activities from new standard activity project with .net5/6)

No, i have got just some files like below picture.


And my solution explorer looks like below.

I am using Visual Studio 2022 Community.

So you have issue with packaging.
Here is workaround:

  • go to Company.Product5.Activities.Design properties (right click on project and choose properties or Alt+enter)

  • In Package->General check Produce a package file during build operations:

  • Build Company.Product5.Activities.Design project (right click on project and choose build)

  • In Company.Product5.Design\bin\Debug folder there should be nupkg file now. Copy it and paste to the source destination in UiPath

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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