Add Activities is greyed out in UiPath Activity Creator Extension in Visual Studio 2022

Extensions => UI Path => Add Activies is greyed out. I have tried selecting all three projects on left side, even though it is in Gray state, Getting below error while launching Visual Studio
“The ‘UiPathActivityCreatorPackage’ package did not load correctly.”. Can you please advise, how to solve it.

Try these:

  1. Close all Visual Studio instances, then delete all files in the following folder:

After that restart VS to check if this issue has been solved.

  1. Run this from the command line (possibly with administrator rights):
devenv.exe /clearcache
devenv /updateconfiguration
  1. Open Visual Studio Installer → find Visual Studio 2022 → More → Repair.

I have tried as per your instructions but still no luck, getting same error message