SAP automation problems with activities


I have an issue regarding the SAP activities in Studio.
I followed all the parameters for SAP server and client. When I try to connect to SAP with uipath at the beginning it was working. I could use the activities (SAP logon, SAP login, Call transaction, …).
Suddenly, it wasn’t working anymore. I don’t know what’s happened. I put some screenshot about the message that it gives me.
What it’s weird, it’s that i can use “classic” activities like a “clikc” or “type into” and it’s working like this, but it’s much longer and more complicated.

Can anyone help me please ? is it from the server side ?

Thank you !
Regards !


Hello Najoua,

Did you found a solution on this issue?
I have the exact same issue with SAP activity automation
It work perfectly and suddenly it stop working with no evident reason


Hello Florian,

The issue for me was that the IT support didn’t replicate the parameters in all their servers.
The client had 4 servers and they forgot to do the same for all 4 servers and for all environments (prod, pre-prod…).
After that, everything was ok.

Hope it helps !
Regards. Najoua

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