Activation failed with error: -1

Getting below error while activating Community Edition:

Activation failed with error: -1
Error description: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
License status:

Hello @Sourabh_Thorwat,
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It’s Enterprise or Community edition?
At which step error occurs?

It’s Community edition. I am getting error while activation after installation.
Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


Have you used before any trial key on same machine?

This is the first time I am installing UiPath on my system

Try this solution:

Did all this twice. But still same error :frowning:

Then Activation

And your email address you are writing during activation is the same you have requested the studio right?

Please also check this:

Please check if you are using proxy and it’s correctly configured.

Yes. I am using same email address.

Could not get any response:

Seems that your proxy is blocking connection to UiPath activation site. You need to add exclusions for it or so it will not block our sites.