"Activate" activity in modern activities


Is there any solution to bring the browser window to foreground using only modern activities?
Basically, I want to perform the same action as “Activate” activity, but using only modern activities.

Thank you!

The Activate activity is still there in modern. And a lot of activities like Type Into, etc have an activate property you can set:


Hi @O_Almeida

Use Application/Browser automatically activates the window that’s given to it when you select the property

When your browser is already open and you want to kind of activate it or focus it make sure you use " Resize window" property and update it as “Maximize”, I see your browser is getting focussed after doing this.

If you leave it as “none” it won’t activate that screen.

Alternatively explore set focus activity as well .

Thank you for the share, but in this specific case I need to take a screenshot and sometimes the browser is not in the foreground.
‘Take screenshot’ activity, doesn’t have the option to ‘Activate’. I know it’s possible to add a click before and force the page with activate, but looks like a workaround for me.


Do you have any kind of documentation with this action? I’m asking it, because in my side it doesn’t work.
I already tried to create another project just with:

  • Use browser (Id:1)
  • Use browser (Id:2)
  • Use browser (passing the output from Id 1 as input)

In this example, the browser with Id 2 stood in the foreground.


That was my first approach and worked when the second window was not maximized. If both windows are maximized, this solution doesn’t work for me :frowning:

Thnak you for the share :slight_smile:

Hi @O_Almeida

If you will see the properties of click, type into or any other Ui activity, there is a option called Activate if you keep the value as True, then only it will bring the Ui element to the foreground and activate it before the activity executes.

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

Then just use the Activate activity.

Thank you for the share. However, in that approach I will use classic activities instead of modern activities.

The Activate activity still shows up when you’re in modern. And you can use classic and modern activities in the same automation anyway.

Hi @O_Almeida

If you don’t see the Activate Activity in modern experience, check the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities version in Manage Packages. Try to update it if possible



You could use following code

If Not IsNothing(UIElement) Then
End If

UIElement is the “Output element” of “Use Application/Browser” activity


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