UiPath Action Centre-Error

Hi All,

I am trying to use the UiPath Action Centre and installed the packages.(Persistence and Form Activity Library Package). Also I have checked the Persistence enabled in settings and general Tab however I am still getting the error.

@marina.dutta did you install
UiPath. persistence activities package



ok. Now check and enable Support Persistence Yes


Its enabled

@marina.dutta Share activities snaps which you are using.



@marina.dutta open workflow and show activities that you are using for action center.


@marina.dutta please check these two are installed completely? if not then install these two directly from manage packages.

Hi @marina.dutta ,

Could you let us know where is the Create Form Task and Wait For Form Task activities are used ? Is it in the Main workflow or do you have it in any another workflow ?

Also I believe we need to Disable the Start In Background Option in Project Settings as we would need the UiAutomation activities for these processes as well.

I have used inside the Process Workflow.


My name workflow is named as UC004_CreditRolloverWorkflow

@marina.dutta ,

We would need to design the workflow in such a way that the Create Form Task and Wait For Task Resume activities are present in the Main workflow.

You could use the Create Form Task activity in the Process workflow, but then would need to add the task created to a list and then use the Wait For Task Resume activity in the Main workflow by looping through the Created Tasks list.

You will have to create a orchestration process and Add “Wait for Form Task” activity in the main.xaml. This activity cannot be under any other workflow apart from Main Workflow.
This how I solved.


Can you help me .I have zipped my code . Action centre is very new to me. Please help in the design workflow of this.

I can zip the workflow if u provide me your email.


Can I share my workflow. or do you have any example workflow of Action Centre which I can refer. Action Centre is new for me.

@marina.dutta ,

You could send it as a Private Message to me in here if you don’t want to publicly expose the workflow.

However, Could you explain on what is the total process here, so that we could understand the complexity and the areas to modify or the total use case explanation.


Its not letting me to upload the file . The file size is bigger than 10MB.Can u please reply to my email dutta.marina@gmail.com so that I can attach the code in email
The total process is 5 .The bot actually perform some calculations and updates in Excel. After the Calculation the bot has to update the Total Rollover Credit in the Application. But before uploading the business should check the calculation sheet and approve the Excel Sheet Calculation. Hence I am trying to create the Action Centre Approval process.

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