Action Centre and ReFramework

I want to use action centre with Reframe work. When i tried the Action Centre activities(Wait for Task and Resume) in the Process state i was getting an error like “Invoke Process workflow: An extension of type ‘UiPath.Activities.Contracts.Persistence.IPersistenceBookmarks’ must be configured in order to run this workflow.” But the same activities work when i paste the same activities in main. Does Action Centre not work in Process state? Is there any setting that needs to be changed?
I have enabled support persistence settings aswell.

Hi @Amruta_George3

Long-running activities (Wait and Resume activities) part of the UiPath. Persistence.Activities package can only be used in an Orchestration Process entry point, the file marked as Main .

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Any persitant activities can be used in main.xaml or the entry point xaml…should not be used in sub xamls


Yes the activities worked in Main.xaml.

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