Use UiPath Studio As Development Server


I wonder if UiPath Studio has a “development server” licensing mode, so that I can install UiPath Studio on one Windows server and share the server with my teammates and develop robots on the server simultaneously? Or I need to buy separate Studio licenses for them, and (how to) apply all the licenses to the server?

Sorry for the silly question however I didn’t come to an answer after I searched the forum…Any answers would be appreciated!



There’re no way to share the license between machines.

You can run various robots on the same machine with the same license. But if you want to run through another machine then you must have Uipath installed on that same machine. Even you’re using Uipath Orchestrator, all the machines must have Uipath installed to be able to run the robot.


Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear; my problem is that I wish to cut my development infrastructure cost. I want to set up just one server, let all developers log on the server and develop robots simultaneously. I wonder if this is possible? How will I license this server?


Hi @Masatoi,

do you got the answer? if yes, share to me please.