Acme challenges from 1 to 5

Hello friends,

For training purposes, I used challenges from Acme website ( ).

I didn’t download the PDF files, they are really nice detailed PDDs from which I can practice writing them.
I cannot find them there now, so if any of you downloaded them could you send me those files?

IDK if they will be reuploaded on the website or not that is why I am asking.

Please find here - (3.7 MB)

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Thank you for the response but these are not the files I was looking for.
I was looking for PDDs that were posted as a challenge after we finish the all academy courses on Acme website (for WI1-WI5).

I have downloaded for WI1 but not the rest.

WI1 - Verify Account Positions.pdf (1.1 MB)

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I have found them in my history tab (they are still not on ACME website).
I’m going to post them here since maybe some one else will encounter this problem as well.

WI2 - Research Client Check Copy.pdf (1.4 MB) WI3 - Process Vendor Invoices.pdf (1.2 MB) GenerateYearlyReportProcessDesign.pdf (1.2 MB) WI5 - Calculate Client Security Hash.pdf (1.2 MB) WI1 - Verify Account Positions.pdf (1.1 MB)


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