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Hii ,
As I am doing advance level training in uipath so I am stuck in first assignment as I have done according to thier PDD document but when I am uploading the document on the site it is showing no of correct items 0 so could anyone help me with this, that what I can do as the code is successfully running on my end but while uploading it is not showing passed test cases.

kindly check the acme website
is your client security hash status is Complete or open!

Please follow this link.


Before uploading the data on the website we have to reset the data is that what you are saying?


Please read point no 6. Do’t reset the data. Have your assignment showing passed in acme website?

means the whole code is running but while uploading there the no of test items correct are 0

Check point no 2.
Make sure there is no white space between ClientID+“-”+ClientName+“-”+ClinetCountry check in output. If any white space replaced it by ClientID.Trim+“-”+ClientName.Trim+“-”+ClientCountry.