Access Ctrl-Alt-Del Surface for changing password


I am trying to automate the windows password reset using UiPath. The robot is logging into a user account (non-admin) and shall change the windows login password.
The non-admin case leads to the conclusion that “access is denied” when using CMD or PowerShell, unfortunately. (Change Windows Login Password)
The UiPath package for Active Directory activities is also leading to an Error 403, which could imply missing access rights. However, I am wondering why this is not working if changing the password via Ctrl-Alt-Del → Change Password is working.

Therefore, I want to automate the Ctrl-Alt-Del Path via maybe Hotkeys(?). This does not seem to work unfortunately as well - the security surface is not appearing.

Does somebody know how to automate this without admin rights?

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It should be done using the AD activities !


thanks for your response! but as I mentioned in my post - the AD activities are apparently not working since it returns an “error 403” - Maybe the account does not have sufficient rights

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