Unable to send Ctrl+Alt+End for Windows Security on Remote Desktop

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to log into a web application, but the Single Sign-On service appears to be configured differently on our server vs. our end user experience. For example, accessing the application seems like a SAML experience where once logged into Windows, the application just loads in authenticated.

However, on the server, logging into the same application requires that the user press Ctrl+Alt+End and then re-enter their Windows credentials. I am able to automate everything up to the hotkey. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+End on my keyboard or using the on-screen keyboard works perfectly, but using every configuration of Send HotKeys or TypeInto seems ineffective. I’ve played around with different configurations of keystroke/downstrokes/upstrokes, have played with time between keystrokes from 10 ms to 1 second, have set delays between steps, absolutely everything.

I’ve attached the message box that pops up.
2021-06-17 11_01_36-Window

Is there something other than the browser or this message box I should be targeting for the Send Hotkey or TypeInto activities? Is there another method.


Looks like that is equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+Del when using remote desktop, so protected and can’t automate it. Was able to get past it by using Powershell, now looking to somehow enter the user credentials and press OK into credentluibroker using either UiPath activities or additional Powershell options.