Active Directory activities package



I was thinking about this for some time and i want to gather opinions from our user base. Would an IT department be interested in using Studio for automating repetitive Active Directory tasks?
I know that for these type of actions there is a powerful tool called Windows Powershell - but we can bring something more to that, in our Studio, i`m sure.
I can give a simple example of an workflow :slight_smile:

  • user send email to IT department, with the new password when the existing one expires
  • our workflow read this email as its arrives, takes the password and then, connects to AD, search for this user (its the sender of the email) and changes the password.

Looking forward to hear more about this, and also scenarios where a dedicated activity would help.


@Gabriel_Tatu, please post if you get the solution for your query! I also need the same.

Looking forward for solution.


Using UIPATH, Is it possible to record or automate Microsoft Active Directory activities like user creation, modify user, adding & removing users to/from group, enabling & disabling users etc.

I am unable to record active directory activities(both manual & automatic). Is there anything I am missing

If UIPATH does not directly support it, what is the suggested work around within UIPath

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


I guess it depends on the specific tool you are using for AD administration. It could be useful to post a more detailed example of what you are unable to achieve in the #rpa-dev:how-to category, so other people could try to help out.

There are also various alternatives to graphical tools. For example, you could use the .NET System.DirectoryServices namespace to interact with the directory from an Invoke Code activity, or the PowerShell command/script activities with cmdlets from the Active Directory module.