Change Windows Login Password


For compliance reasons, I want to change the windows password on both the local computer and the orchestrator via a robot.

I found an API script to change the password in the orchestrator (Update Robot Password in Orchestrator - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace , orchestrator-powershell/Update-UiPathADRobotPasswords.ps1 at master · UiPath/orchestrator-powershell · GitHub ). However, I have not tested them yet.

The next task is to change the local windows password. Is there any prebuilt method or strategy how this can be achieved?

Thank you!


Maybe you can try to invoke the powershell script as below

Hope this may help you


Hi @BennyS,

Why do you want to change your local windows password using UiPath?


For security and compliance reasons, the robot shall get new credentials after being deployed and the credentials should be updated.

So, right now: I modified the script of Update Robot Password in Orchestrator - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace for our purpose, however I was not able to test that yet.

The next step would be to update all credentials linked to the current local robot. Is there any idea how to do this?

So I found a UiPath package for doing this:

Unfortunately, I receive the error message : “An error has occurred: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.: UiPath.ActiveDirectoryDomainServices.Activities”

Does somebody know where to look to solve this issue?