Accept an input (Yes / No), if there is no response from user in 3 sec proceed with Yes as default

Hi All,

in my workflow i am using Message box inorder to get some input from user. Basically its a Yes or No Question. Now the requirement is the bot need to proceed with the processing with Yes as a default answer if the user doesn’t responded within 3 sec.

if you need to use the message box only, then you can add the condition in property to close the message box after 3 seconds, get the Button output in a variable

Below that put an IF condition to check if the button variable is Yes or No, if it is not set, then you can put default as Yes

however, there are Input Dialog Box option too is you would like to consider, depends on your usecase

@jishnu.pnair Please follow the below steps to resolve your query.

  1. Use assign activity in to field create a String Variable by name userResponse and assign Yes to it.
  2. Drag a message box. In the properties panel in Automaticallycloseafter field provide 00:00:03 to get a delay of 3 seconds.
  3. In the del
    Buttons option select yes/NO.
  4. Store output of message box into userResponse.

Please refer to the image below it should help you. Mark this as solution if it helps you.

Hi @sharath.aengali

the thing is i am using UiPath 2018.4.3. The versions available for me is eithir 2018.4.3 or 2020.10.6.
Both these versions does not have the timeout property for message box. So do we have any other way to achieve this.

Hi @rahulsharma ,

Can you please explain the input dialog option. with some screenshots of possible.

@jishnu.pnair Please use call-out activity available in the 2018/2020 version to create the pop up. You can add customized buttons in the callout designer. Let me know if you need the workflow. I will create and share with you the message box

This is a sample already ready for you by Yoichi

Cal-out activity would also work as suggested by @sharath.aengali , again depends on your convenience and use case

Official doc:

Input Dialog (

Callout (

Hi @sharath.aengali ,

Could you please create a workflow and share it with me.

@jishnu.pnair Apologies I am unable to create workflow at this moment. But please do follow the below steps this should help you in creation. Let me know if you face challenges.

  1. Create assign activity in “TO” create variable “userResponse” in value pass “yes”
  2. Drag callout activity from the activity panel. Indicatie the home screen as window. You can specify the time till which the form needs to be opened in the timeout field of properties panel.
  3. Drag callout designer activity(to get this activity you need to install uipath.form.activities).
  4. This will open a form. Create form as per your requirement and store the output to userResponse Variable.
  5. Use If Condition to validate the userResponse variable and take action accordingly

Please mark this as solution if this helped you resolve your query.

Hi @sharath.aengali
i have done everthing other than the designer. i couldn’t find that.

Please install uipath.form.activities… It will be only available after installation of that package

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