Perform an action if the user has not made a decision

Hello, dear users of the forum. Please help me. Have a “MessageBox” with the text " Repeat task?". Yes and no buttons. If the user does not press the button, the program should start running after 5 minutes. If the user clicks the Yes button, then immediately. If it is not difficult for you, then send an example of how best to implement it. Thank you all very much for your attention.!

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Very interesting question, as per what I understand you want to prompt the message box asking if the user want click on "yes " or "no ". Based on what user selects, the process shall be divided into two different approaches.

Unfortunately, as per my understanding, “message box activity” is considered to be part of completely Attended bot. Which means human intervention shall be required for the process to proceed. So robot cannot just wait and ignore the “message box” activity.

If our Forum-mates have more to share, I would like to hear it from them.

Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.


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This is what i was thinking @hacky
Message box activity though ran from attended bot, unless we give an input to that message box the process wont continue further…as you said it has to run after 5 mins if no input is given, i hope that is not feasible with message box activity

–so is there any other way we can use here like sending mail to user and look for reply and if there is no reply we can trigger the process automatically in 5 mins


@hacky, @Palaniyappan perhaps I not correctly expressed, I have bad English, sorry. If the user does not press Yes or no within 5 minutes, the robot must press Yes


Thanks for explaining further.
As I see, you want your robot to click on “Yes” button if the user does not perform any action within 5 Minutes.

In that case, you can follow these steps:-

  1. Message box (Yes - No) popped up.
  2. Use delay for 5 minutes.
  3. Use “Element Exist” activity to check if your message box is still present (using precise selectors) - outputs a Boolean variable (True/False)
  4. If Boolean variable is true then Click on “Yes” button using “Click” activity using appropriate selectors.

In case if the user actually does click on “Yes” or “No” within 5 minutes, you can use property : Chosen Button of the Message box activity and use Boolean variable to perform appropriate actions.

I hope you were aware about later part.

@Palaniyappan or any other forum friends, please correct me if I was wrong.

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Dear @hacky.
Thanks for sharing your idea. When the “MessageBox” appears, the robot execution stops. “delay” will start working only after pressing the button. It turns out you need a user who presses the button. Maybe I misunderstood you?