Ask user input yes/no with a timeout and default yes

I would like the user if he wants to use today’s date (yes/no). If he doesn’t choose within 15 seconds it takes the answer “yes”. How could I do that? Thanks

You can use Pick Branch activity.
One branch for User Input and another branch for Delay activity.

To understand what is Pick Activity -

Karthik Byggari

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This activity seems to be pretty useful.
I tried a “message box” with yes/no on the left branch and a “delay” with “click” on yes on the right. However, it didn’t work and the message box remained open.

May be the action is not completed inside the user input box branch.
Just check it.

Make sure that the sequence inside the action will be completed in that delay time.

The branches work on their own but not in parallel. I also tried with send key, close window and once just with an assign in the action after delay.

Background info: I would like this solution for an attended robot that usually runs with the default settings. However there could be rare exceptions. If there is no exception the robot can run without input (selects default answers) but if the employee wants to use the special mode he can select “no”.

Are you actually able to get this work? I haven’t seen any success with this around the forum.

Hi @UserOfThisSoftware @Jizh
This might help:

Use that to close the window after a while and use the input to go further on it.