Academy is not Accessible

The UiPath Academy is not accessible?

Can you check now. It is working.

Yes @KarthikByggari, its working Now.

@KarthikByggari, it’s not working fully yet. I’m stuck now on a training, in which the course progress doesn’t seem to be tracked correctly anymore.
Lesson 5 is completed, but lesson 6 doesn’t want to unlock. Please advise ?

@FutureTech, I got this same in Foundation. I noticed similar problem last week, but then I was able to “random click on things until it works”. Some server issues?

The error I’m getting in Chrome may help in tracing the issue maybe:

One more error from me:

And another, hoping to help you find the problem:

I logged off, waited half an hour and relogged in. It seems to be fixed for me at the moment. @Evilfairytale, maybe it helps for you as well ?

@FutureTech, I kept on clicking, so finally it got unlocked. When I opened page, it dropped me to main page and it happened few times, but finally video is loaded successfully. Let’s hope it’s solved for now :slight_smile: !

Awesome, good luck with your studies ! :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that it’s working now? There was a problem at the server side and it’s fixed now.

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Yes Now it’s accessible.


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