Can't access academy

Hi There!

I can’t access the Academy and continue the courses I’ve already started.
I’m getting this error:
Please access the platform only from your PC, from a single browser and without opening multiple tabs of UiPath Academy at the same time.

We are experiencing an issue and your progress in the courses can be affected. Until the problem is solved, please consider the above.

I’m truing to access it from chrome, only onw windows and tab are open.

Please help.


Hi alexOst!

That is just a warning. Click in the “hamburger”/three lines button (in top left) and after in the course catalog. After that, enter in one course and in the top left click in "Back to my courses. In the page that open will be displayed the courses that u already complete and the ones that u have to complete.

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Have you logged in from your some other Device?? Try to change password then login again


I have the same error, I think it’s a server-side problem with my session, also my collegue hase the same problem.

I tried with login-logout-login, with menu navigation to try change pages and I didn’t use other devices for academy… but after this error I had try with mobile browser version of the site and the error doesn’t display.


Hi All,
Actually the platform might be under revamp as mentioned in the post Ui Path Academy is not loading my course i haave enrolled for and page are seen blank