About UiPath Trial


We are currently verifying UiPath and plan to purchase licenses from now. So, there are some doubts.

  1. Which day is the trial period 60 days or 12 weeks correct?
    The following link is written as 60 days, but it seems that I can actually use it for 12 weeks if set up. Is there no method or description to confirm surely how long it can be used?
    Is the notation of the link destination incorrect?

Enterprise RPA Platform Trial - Automation Software | UiPath

  1. Can I extend the trial period of iPath? I would like to know whether the trial period of STD’s robot and Studio can be extended, not Community Edition.

Extend trial version

Thanks in advance,

1.) 60 days
2.) Yes, you may ask the sales who contacted you to extend your trial for once.
3.) Cheers :wink: